Mass Human Testing Has Begun

OPINION: Stark Fnorden | London | 19 December 2020 A nurse manager at CHI Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee passed out and had to be put on a stretcher this week immediately after receiving the Pfizer covid shot: The medical staff immediately rushed to say that it had nothing to do with the vaccine. They claimedContinue reading “Mass Human Testing Has Begun”

Pfizer CEO & Executives Don’t Want to Jump the Queue

OPPINION: Stark Fnorden | London | 19 December 2020 Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says that he has not yet taken his company’s covid shot because he doesn’t want to “cut the line” (Jump the queue). Neither do the Pfizer Executives or Board Members. In a recent CNBC interview the Pfizer CEO said that he thoughtContinue reading “Pfizer CEO & Executives Don’t Want to Jump the Queue”

Covid Burkas and Human Evolution

OPPINION: Stark Fnorden | London | 10 December 2020 You have been conditioned. You have been ‘blinded by science’. Like a slight of hand trick, where the magician moves so fast that you can’t keep up. The modern science of vaccines has become so complex, so detailed and confusing that the average person just givesContinue reading “Covid Burkas and Human Evolution”