How the ignorant & mathematically incompetent are being duped into taking dangerous shots

Whilst the mainstream media shouts at everyone to take the new covid injections, all of the statistical data needed to make an informed descision is readily available on the internet if one takes the time to do the proper research.

Unfortunately the majority of people are either too ignorant to even ask such questions, or they lack the mental capacity to calculate statistical data.

This problem is exaggerated by the fact that Mainstream media and social media such as Facebook will not even allow the public to post factual information on their platforms. This is not surprising when you consider that Facebook for example has major connectionsto every major covid vaccine manufacturer. One of the largest shareholders of facebook is Vanguard which holds approximately 184.0 million shares of Facebook with a combined market value of about $37.7 billion. Vanguard is also the top mutual fund holder of Pfizer. A facebook whistleblower has also recently gone on camera with news that Facebook has been actively censoring “truth” and “facts” relating to covid vaccine side effects.

In this study, we have calculated the real risk of death from Covid per age group. To do this we have taken into account the fact that the CDC recently reported that 94% of all covid deaths were associated with underlying conditions. This important fact must not be overlooked. For example, the CDC has also reported in previous years that the most common underlying conditions that were associated with flu deaths were cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease. These are serious conditions that most people do not have. Think about that for a moment.

So, in other words, only 6% of people who have died from Covid did NOT have any serious underlying condition. This changes the data drastically.

The total number of deaths from covid since the beginning of the pandemic in the US is: 574,045 (CDC data, 24th of May 2021)

If take 6% of this number we get: 34,443 deaths.

To be clear – the TOTAL number of the deaths in the USA since the pandemic began – of people with no underlying conditions is: 34,443.

The following Table shows the total distribution of Covid deaths by age group (up to date as of the 24th of May 2021). We have also calculated the number of deaths in each age group – for people with NO UNDERLYING CONDITIONS:

Deaths involving Coroanvirus disease reported to NCHS (SOURCE:, by age group, adjusted to show only deaths where no underlying conditions where present.

AGE GROUPTOTAL % OF DEATHSTOTAL Deaths with no underlying conditions.
0-170.051 %17.5
18-29 0.38 %130
30-39 1.11 %382
40-49 3 %1033
50-64 15.54 %5,352
65-74 22.19 %7,642
75-84 27.56 %9,492
85+ 30.13 %10,377

From this data we can calculate some more very interesting facts. Such as the total percentage of the population in each age group that have died from Covid with no underlying conditons.

USA age distribution is approximately as follows:

  • 0-17: 73,039,150
  • 18-29: 53,728,222
  • 30-39: 44,168,826
  • 40-49: 40,319,374
  • 50-64:  62,925,688
  • 65 – 74:  31,483,433
  • 75-84:  15,969,872
  • 85+:  6,604958

( Source: as of July 1st, 2019 )

So we can now use these numbers to calculate the following:

AGE GROUPTOTAL Deaths with no underlying conditions.% of Age Group Population
0-1717.50.000023 %
18-29 1300.00024 %
30-39 3820.00086 %
40-49 10330.0025 %
50-64 5,3520.0085 %
65-74 7,6420.024 %
75-84 9,4920.059 %
85+ 10,3770.15 %

Now let’s compare this to the number of dangerous side effects such as blood clots that have happened so far associated with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. According to the BBC, there have been 332 blood clots reported so far as a side effect of the Astra Zeneca vaccine and 58 deaths.

The most accurate number we could find of the number of Astra Zeneca shots given so far was a CNBC article dated May 7th which stated:
“An estimated 22.6 million firstdoses and 5.9 million second doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccinehad been administered in the U.K”
[ ]

If we consider this to be accurate we can then calculate that

332 / 28,500,000* 100 = 0.0012 %

0.0012 % of people in the UK who got the Astra Zeneca shot had a blood clot side effect.

From this we can calculate the relative danger for a person with no serious underlying health conditions of the Covid disease vs a blood clot side effect per age group:

Table showing how many times more likely a healthy person is to suffer from a blood clot when taking the Astra Zeneca vaccine than they are to die from the Covid disease.

AGE GROUP% of Age Group Population
that have died of Covid
How many times MORE likely to get a
life threatening blood clot?
0-170.000023 %52 times
18-29 0.00024 %5 times
30-39 0.00086 %1.4 times

For older age groups the likelihood of getting a blood clot is either similar or less than dying from covid disease.

But what we can clearly see from this data is that for anyone who is under 40 years old with no serious health conditions, they are multiple times MORE LIKELY to suffer from the serious blood clot serious side effect which could potentially kill them than they are to ever die from the covid disease itself.

In other words the Astra Zeneca vaccine is potentially MORE dangerous for these groups than the disease itself.

This study has not included many of the other serious side effects reported such as deafness, blindness and loss of consciousness – which have been reported from every type of covid vaccine.

Published by William J. Banks

I have a University Certificate in Natural Sciences, (Biology Chemistry & Physics) and a University Diploma in Computer Science.

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