Pfizer CEO & Executives Don’t Want to Jump the Queue

OPPINION: Stark Fnorden | London | 19 December 2020

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says that he has not yet taken his company’s covid shot because he doesn’t want to “cut the line” (Jump the queue). Neither do the Pfizer Executives or Board Members.

In a recent CNBC interview the Pfizer CEO said that he thought the public might not like it if he was to take the vaccine first.

Funny, because he also says in the interview that Pfizer did a poll and that the No.1 thing that the public asked for to give them confidence in the vaccine was for the CEO to take it ! How do these two statements fit together logically?…

“Our company ran a lot of polls to see what (it) would take for people to believe it. And one of the highest ranking, even higher than if Joe Biden takes it, even higher than if the other presidents take it – it is if the CEO of the company takes it.”
“I don’t want to have an example that I am cutting the line.”

Bourla didn’t mention any other poll showing the public didn’t want to see him take the vaccine because it would amount to ‘jumping the queue’. Apparently that poll only exists in his imagination.

Bourla’s contradiction was further exposed when he slipped out that certain ‘occupation types’ would not need to take it – despite having earlier said that everyone must take it soon and not wait months – as they must “protect their loved ones”.

The bungled interview is available here:

For comparison to the above headline, let’s just for fun substitute some of the words. How about this headline:

Apple’s CEO hasn’t gotten his iPhone yet, saying he doesn’t want to cut the line

or how about…..

Häagen-Dazs CEO hasn’t tried his Ice Cream, saying he doesn’t want to cut the line


Elon Musk hasn’t driven a Tesla Car, saying he doesn’t want to cut the line

We could go on. But you get the point.

Imagine Apple CEO Tim Cook saying that he hasn’t used the new iPhone because he thinks the public wouldn’t like to see him using it, or the CEO of Heinz saying he hasn’t tried Tomato Ketchup. If any other CEO said such a thing their share price would plummet and consumer confidence would dissapear over night. The public would rightly be highly suspicious as to why the CEO would not try their own product. Is there something they know that we don’t know? – would be the obvious question asked.

But Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla can say this and CNBC doesn’t blink.

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