Pfizer CEO claims he is “trying to find a way” to take his own company’s shot

William J. Banks | Paris | 19 December 2020

In a CNBC BOMBSHELL interview, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla first urges all members of the public, young and old, to get his company’s covid shot as soon as possible, and then in the same breath says that he hasn’t taken it because “he is 59” and “not a frontline worker”. He said in the interview:

“they need to think twice…. the decision not to vaccinate.. will affect the lives of others, and likely the lives of the people you love the most which are the people that you are usually in contact with”

When asked by the CNBC reporter “You have not yet had your shot, when do you plan to get it”? Mr Bourla first laughed, shrugged his shoulders and responded:

“I don’t want to have an example that I am cutting the line. I am 59 years old in good health, I am not working in the front line”

It is the opinion of Axis World News that the public might not be outraged that the CEO of Pfizer was “cutting the line” by taking 1 or 2 doses out of the millions currently being stockpiled.

He continued:

“I am trying to find a way that I will get vaccinated despite if it is not my time”

“But we have made the decision, if we have to do that we will not do that with our executives. So none of the board executives or board members will cut the line”.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla also slipped out here that apparently according to him there are special “occupation types” who don’t need to take his vaccine. We can only assume that being a Pfizer executive is one of those special occupation types. Bourla said:

“They would take it as their age and occupation type….errrr…. it’s the time for them to take it”

He also responded that he will take the shot: “as soon as I can”.

Mr Bourla made a number of assertions during the interview that some people could find bizarre. He said that, because he is “not working in the front line”, he doesn’t need to take the shot. Yet just a few moments before he said that everyone needs to take it because they might come into close contact with “loved ones” such as older relatives etc. Some people may conclude from this that Mr Bourla either has no loved ones or that he lives in a bubble and has no contact with anyone.

He also claims that he is finding it difficult to get hold of a single dose of his company’s Covid Vaccine, which is currently being stockpiled by the millions of doses in warehouses across the world (Source: Yahoo, Business Insider).

Mr Bourla says he is “trying to find a way” to get hold of dose of his company’s vaccine. Most people would presume that the CEO of a company would just have to pick up the phone to make that happen in the same way that the CEO of Apple could easily get hold of an iPhone if he wanted one. Apparently this is not the case with Pfizer.

He then goes on to state that even if he manages to get hold of one of his shots, that the the company has “made the decision” that the other executives will not have to take it to show confidence to the public. This is a bombshell revelation for multiple reasons, firstly that they had a discussion about this, and secondly that the result of that discussion was that under no circumstances would the executives of Pfizer be made to publicly take their own shot.

It would seem that Mr Bourla is no stranger to the philosophy of ‘Do as I say, not as I do” as he made very clear at the beginning of the interview. When asked “What do you tell those folks who might be saying ‘I am going to wait to a few months before I get this one’?”, Mr Bourla replied:

“I wish the situation was not so critical so that they can have the luxury to think about it…..the decision not to vaccinate.. will affect the lives of others, and likely the lives of the people you love the most which are the people that you are usually in contact with”

Apparently you don’t, but Mr Bourla and his executive colleagues at Pfizer, DO have the luxury to think about it.

Mr Bourla finishes with a one-liner: “Trust Science”.
Some may suggest that he qualifies it with: ‘just don’t trust me’.

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