It’s OFFICIAL: Sweden’s ‘no lockdown’ approach WORKED BETTER than UK, Belgium & France

William J. Banks | Paris | 23 December 2020

Despite a recent attempt by the BBC to make Sweden appear to have “failed” in it’s approach to the Coronavirus pandemic (BBC), the numbers DO NOT LIE.

Sweden, which has been criticized by many for it’s freedom-based approach to covid, has suffered less covid deaths relative to their population than many other countries including the UK and Belgium. The following table shows the latest figures of deaths as a percentage of their population (as of December the 18th):

Covid Deaths per Country as % of population
(Worst at the top)

CountryPopulationCovid DeathsDeaths as %
France12,278,21059,6190.48 %
Belgium11,589,62317,3640.14 %
Sweden10,099,2657,8930.078 %
Germany83,783,94225,0270.029 %
[ Data from: CSSE at Johns Hopkins University ]

It can clearly be seen by looking at this data that France, Belgium and the UK – three countries that imposed the most extreme lockdown measures had the MOST deaths relative to their populations.

Sweden, which has had zero lockdown measures, and Germany which has had no lockdown since May have had massively less deaths per population.

Axis World News asks the question: Why are mainstream media outlets such as the BBC ignoring these facts?

And why are France, Belgium and the UK continuing their policies of locking down local shops and pubs and forcing small children to wear masks all day when the evidence shows that they do not result in less deaths?

We can only guess that Sweden and Germany’s open policies led to a quicker developent of natural immunity their populations.

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I have a University Certificate in Natural Sciences, (Biology Chemistry & Physics) and a University Diploma in Computer Science.

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