BBC Spreads Disinformation: Implies that Sweden ‘failed’ due to ‘no lockdown’. UK actually had MORE deaths than Sweden!

William J. Banks | Paris | 18 December 2020

The BBC is at it again, spreading misleading information in a recent article. This time they have taken a quote from the King of Sweden and twisting it to imply something that Sweden’s liberal ‘no lockdown’ approach has “failed”.

In fact Sweden’s ‘no lockdown’ approach has not resulted in any more deaths than any other country that has forced their country into economic meltdown and oppressed their citizens. In fact it has had relatively less deaths than the UK and Belgium (see below).

The quote is in fact real, King Gustaf said in an interview “I think we have failed. We have a large number who have died and that is terrible.”

But official numbers show that Sweden has had only 7,893 deaths from covid so far. Sweden’s population is 10,099,265.

When compared to Belgium, a country with an only slightly larger population, 11,589,623, that imposed extremely restrictive lockdowns and forced it’s citizens to wear masks whilst cycling for example, we can see that Belgium’s extreme measures actually resulted in MORE than double the covid deaths, 17,364.

[All numbers in this article are correct today (18th December) as reported by the CSSE at Johns Hopkins University.]

Also, ironically, the BBC’s home country, the UK, has had relatively MORE deaths than Sweden – over 66,000 deaths.

The UK’s population is 67M, 6.7 times LARGER than Sweden. So the UK’s marvelous lockdown measures should have resulted in less deaths per population than Sweden right? Especially as their reporters are attempting to shame Sweden’s approach. But lo and behold – if the UK was to have equal amounts of deaths relative to Sweden – they would have had only 6.7 time more deaths right? So let’s do the math that the BBC are unable to do: 6.7 x 7,893 = 52,883. But as of today, the UK has had 66,052 deaths. MORE than they would have had if they were the size of Sweden and had had NO LOCKDOWN AT ALL !

To make this clearer we can write it as a percentage of the population:

Sweden deaths per population:
7,893 / 10,099,265 * 100 = 0.078 %

UK (Nanny lecturing state) deaths per population:
66,052 / 67,886,011 * 100 = 0.097 %

Now the BBC’s deception is clear.

The BBC are lecturing Sweden’s so called “failed approach” of having absolutely NO LOCKDOWN WHATSOEVER – NO FORCED MASK WEARING – NO WEIRD SOCIAL DISTANCING BS – NO SHOPS SHUT – NO PUBS SHUT – NO SCHOOLS CLOSED – Yet the UK has 0.019 % HIGHER AMOUNT OF DEATHS!!!!!

The BBC is a failed dinosaur media who’s reporters can’t do maths and who want to lecture you into being a good compliant little slave.

Instead of lecturing us on Swedens approach, maybe the UK should look at itself and realize that the lockdown’s have achieved absolutely nothing except misery, economic collapse, mass mental health issues and increased numbers of untreated illnesses due to people being too afraid to go to hospital. The UK’s lockdown’s have in fact resulted in more deaths than Sweden’s liberal approach.

Published by William J. Banks

I have a University Certificate in Natural Sciences, (Biology Chemistry & Physics) and a University Diploma in Computer Science.

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