Covid Burkas and Human Evolution

OPPINION: Stark Fnorden | London | 10 December 2020

You have been conditioned. You have been ‘blinded by science’. Like a slight of hand trick, where the magician moves so fast that you can’t keep up.

The modern science of vaccines has become so complex, so detailed and confusing that the average person just gives in and complies. They accept the advice they are given. And after the complexities of modern vaccine science have filled their ears, they become blind to glaring simple truths.

Truths such as the fact that human beings have been evolving for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. We have reached the present day will millions and millions of generations of natural selection and human survival of the fittest.

As a race our bodies have evolved to handle every bacteria and virus that we are exposed to. We have to – or we die. Yet here we are. We did it. We DID survive. We DID adapt. Our immune systems ARE AMAZING and WORK. How else would we be here?

But “oh no” the vaccine company’s say – “no no no – YOU need an upgrade. You can’t survive in this world. You need to be modified, messed around with. You need our special chemicals and spliced up animal and human body parts INJECTED into you – so that you can live”

Can we not see this ridiculous notion?

How is it that we have managed to survive a hundred thousand years, yet all of a sudden now we can’t survive without RNA modification?


People really need to wake up now before it’s too late.

These manipulators, controllers – corrupt politicians and deceptive media – all want to convince you that you NEED this mRNA crap. All for a flu that is essentially harmless to 99.9% of the population.

Oh and you need to muzzle your kids in a burka.. ahem I mean “face covering” (as CNN likes to call it) – no it’s actually called a MASK – not a “face covering” CNN. Have you stopped to wonder why so many news media channels are saying you need to wear a “face covering”. Last time i checked that was what they used to call a burka. Why is CNN using the exact same phrase “face covering” when referring to covid masks as they do for Isamic burkas? Has anyone stopped to think about that?

CNN recently published entitled “5 ways to get your kids to wear face coverings”

How about this CNN….

  1. Tell them that Lord Allawakky said they must or else they go to hell
  2. Tell them if they question this commandment of Lord Allawakky they will go to hell
  3. Tell them that if anyone sees them not wearing a mask they will beat them
  4. Tell them that you will disown them as their child if they disobey you (or Lord Allawakky)
  5. Throw them off a building if they refuse (because Lord Allawakky said it was good to do so)

These scumbags want to rule your life.

CNN is being paid off by China and the Saudis to MUZZLE YOUR KIDS and INJECT YOU WITH STERILENTS


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