BOMBSHELL: More Death and Fever from Pfizer Vaccine than Covid

William J. Banks | Paris | 9 December 2020

BREAKING: We have just seen the latest FDA report on the Phase 3 trial of Pfizer’s covid vaccine (BNT162b2).

The document just released is entitled “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee December 10, 2020 Meeting Briefing Document” and can be download here (.pdf). The FDA briefing document on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains some stunning information, including the revelation that most people are hundreds of times more likely to have an adverse reaction from their vaccine than they are to die from covid.

In “Table 3. Disposition of All Randomized Participants, Phase 2/3 Safety Population” on page 19, we find that 6 people died during the study. Pfizer tells us that 2 people died after having their Covid Vaccine and another 4 died apparently from a saline placebo.

AstraZeneca decided not to use a saline placebo in their trial but instead used another vaccine, the MenACWY vaccine (which is designed to protect against meningococcal bacteria). AstraZeneca calls the MenACWY vaccine a ‘placebo’, and then use this obvious falsehood to hide the number of adverse reactions and deaths that occur.

Let’s just remind ourselves what the definition of the world ‘placebo’ is.

The Oxford English Dictionary has :

  • Placebo – a substance that has no physical effects, given to patients who do not need medicine but think that they do, or used when testing new drugs”

And the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has:

  • a usually pharmacologically inert preparation prescribed more for the mental relief of the patient than for its actual effect on a disorder
  • an inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another substance (such as a drug)

So for anyone who understands the English language, a MenACWY vaccine is clearly not a placebo. It would seem that AstraZeneca have redefined the word ‘placebo’ to mean ‘MenACWY vaccine’. Should this type of deception be tolerated by the public? We shall leave that for you to ponder.

On Page 41 of the report, we can see a description of the Serious Adverse Events including 6 deaths and 12 cases of appendicitis. In total 0.6% of participants reported a Serious Adverse Events from the Covid Vaccine – 100 TIMES HIGHER THAN THE PROBABILITY OF DEATH FROM COVID (for under 60’s)

According to Pfizer’s own report 6 people in their study have died – shortly after receiving a vaccine. The total number of participants was 37796. 439 people were withdrawn from the study, for various reasons, 6 of which because they died.

So if we calculate the percentage of participants that died from the total number who participated: we get: 6 / 37363 * 100 = 0.016 %

This number is higher than the risk of death from covid to under 60 year olds based on the latest data from the NHS in the UK, which is 0.006 %

If we calculate the number of people who had such serious adverse events that they had to be removed from the trial plus the number of deaths we get:

19 / 37376 * 100 = 0.05 %

This number is almost 10 times higher than the risk of death from covid for an under 60 year old.


We recently reported that Pfizer’s Phase 2 trial had seen very high percentages of participants with dangerously high fevers. The latest reported Phase 3 figures are even more alarming:

Over 15% of participants in the 18-55 age group got a fever from the shot
and 1.2 % HAD A DANGEROUS FEVER OF OVER 38.9°C to 40°C.

Let’s remember that a fever of 40°C is potentially life threatening event.

Compare this again to the chance of dying from ‘covid flu’ which is 0.006 % :

According to Pfizer’s own data – you will be 200 times MORE LIKELY to have a life endangering fever (over 38.9 °C to 40°C) than you would of ever dying from the covid flu.

You are also 10 times more likely to have either a severe adverse event or die from a Pfizer vaccine than you are to die from ‘covid’.

You are 100 times more likely to have a Serious Adverse Reaction to Pfizer’s vaccine than you are to die from covid if you are under 60.

Thanks for the report Pfizer, we are still waiting for your statement on why you need legal indemnity from being sued. We can only imagine.

Published by William J. Banks

I have a University Certificate in Natural Sciences, (Biology Chemistry & Physics) and a University Diploma in Computer Science.

3 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: More Death and Fever from Pfizer Vaccine than Covid

  1. Hi, interesting find! However, I can’t spot in the PDF where it specifies the placebo as being actually a MenACWY vaccine. Can you disclose where you verified this to be true?


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