Will we live to regret mass vaccination with experimental drugs?

William J. Banks | Paris | 2 December 2020

The world has seen multiple cases of drugs that were promoted as having been tested and authorized as safe by medical professionals, which future generations discovered where in fact massively damaging to health.

Why is it that so many people believe this can never happen again?

It seems as though the human race has a tendency towards amnesia – even towards events that have happened within their own lifetimes.

Just take a look at the following adverts that promoted both Cigarettes and Thalidomide as being completely safe and healthy:

In case you need reminding, cigarettes have caused millions of deaths from lung cancer and Thalidomide caused horrific birth defects in thousands of babies – many of them having no arms or legs.

But as it says it the advert above, Thalidomide is “the safe day-time sedative, equally safe in hypnotic doses by night” and “safe sedation”. And there has been “Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camel Cigarettes”. Where have I heard that phrase before?….. “not a single case”…. hmmmm….. Oh yes it was on Oxford University’s Covid Vaccine News page where it was recently reported that “There were no …. severe cases in anyone who received the vaccine”. Well that’s settled then.

So don’t worry when a completely new, never before used, vaccine technology such as the mRNA vaccine and the genetically modified chimp virus RNA vaccine is promoted as safe for the entire world to inject. It doesn’t matter that there has never been a long term trial, or that there is no previous record of safety to go by – all that matters is that the manufacture tells us it’s safe. So go back to your hypnotic sleep and have a lovely dream about those Thalidomide babies.

“Thank you, Pharmaceutical companies for helping my mummy to sleep well”

Human RNA modification on a mass scale – what could possibly go wrong?

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I have a University Certificate in Natural Sciences, (Biology Chemistry & Physics) and a University Diploma in Computer Science.

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